Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Scammer Alert!

Hi, guys. Just have some news for you. A person called "cademartin" just scammed me on Animal Jam. Yes... she told me she'd trade her bow (the one she's wearing) if I accept a trade she trades me. She tried to trade me my RARE FOX HAT for a member item and I am not a member so no point getting a member item because I can't use it! But, what do ya know?! I accept the trade (I'm so dumb)! Then she just runs out of the place. And I keep asking for her to trade me her bow. Here's a lesson I've learnt:  Do not make deals with another scammer! 
P.S- yes I did report her but that's not enough :( That's all folks... *sigh*


  1. GASP! P.s, i have seen 4 scammers in the last 3 days. people keep asking to report them. Thats no gud. when i go on tomorrow, i will report her/him! >:(!!! >:( -grr



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