Mysteries and Glitches

Here is a new Mystery. There is another animal coming to Animal Jam! Unscramble the puzzle in the Jamaa Journal to find out. Hopefully this new animal is available for all Jammers.
New mystery to be solved! There is something new coming soon! Unscramble the puzzle to find out what that surprise is!
Here's a mystery for the day! Me and my friend Doridee1 have found something on the World Map on Animal Jam. There are locations that haven't been discovered yet! Just like when the Coral Canyons, Mt Shiver and Appondale weren't discovered a while ago and now they have! We shall wait and see what will happen next. That's it for today's Mystery.


  1. ...Also, underneath the buttons, there could possibly be a new place too.

  2. what is the new mystery animal thay make you unscramble on the jamaa journal under comming soon??????????

    1. Thanks for reminding me! Sorry I forgot to put that in this page!

  3. btw, its not doridee1...DORIDEE11... lol



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