Monday, 15 October 2012

Rare Item Monday + Pumpkin Mask

Today's Rare Item Monday is a Rare Head Feather! Wow. AJ Sure is selling Halloween costumes already. It is in the Shiveer Shoppe; second and last page of the catalogue. By the way it is also in the Daily Explorer!

And not sure when this Pumpkin Mask came on sale but it still has that purple sign "New!" so I guess I still have time to call this a new item. LOL. Well it looks freaky... those eyes!!! AAH! Happy Jamming... or shall I call it Scary Jamming... Mwahaha!

Note from Lorilea11: might be posting a bit late in the day because now I have school and heaps of homework and guess what! Exams -_- woohoo. So now I'm busy but I will try to keep up with the AJ news. Bye!



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