Sunday, 29 July 2012

Item of the Day

I am real hungry! Let's see what I can find in Animal Jam... ooh! Feast Table! YUM! All I have to do is get a membership and buy this delicious looking Feast Table which is at Epic Wonders (Through the waterfall in Coral Canyons).

Kelp Tree & Seaweed Boa

 Here's a new ocean den item! Drum roll please... Kelp Tree! For members only!

Also there's a new ocean clothing item! Seaweed Boa! Get it today!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Foxes, Clothes, Item of the Day and New Party!

 Now that the Jam Mart Clothing started selling a Knight Helmet, there is another clothing item to go with that helmet!
 Foxes are becoming popular now, so the Conservation Museum is selling this Giant Fox Plushie, a Fox Banner and a Fox Topiary! Wow, fox, fox, fox!

Sorry I haven't posted the Item of the Day in a while. So here it is! Is it becoming a bit chilly for you? Here, become a member and buy this Knitted Hat which is being sold in the Hot Cocoa Hut. Get it now!

And finally... There is a new party! The Jammaliday Jam party! Not sure what's happening in the party but I reckon it's going to be a fab party! Don't you think?

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Kite, Fox Banner, Daily Explorer News Crew and Item of the Day!

 New Fox Banner at the Conversation Museum for members.
 Also there is a new prize item at the Summer Carnival. New Kite!
Lastly Item of the Day! Fashionable Beret! To change the pinky colour you have to be a member! And A new post has been posted on The Daily Explorer about you becoming a Daily Explorer reporter! To check the article click this link-->

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Knight Helmet and Fox Statue

 Hey everyone! There is a new item for sale in The Chamber of Knowledge and it is the Fox Shaman Statue!
And also in the Jam Mart Clothing Shop there is a new Knight Helmet for non members!

P.S- And to finish off this post there is also new fox plushies in The Claw. Sorry I haven't had time to get them but I will post them once I have time.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Exciting News for Today

Yes! They're here! Foxes! It has been weeks since we've been waiting with excitement that foxes will be coming to AJ and they have finally! It's simple. Go on Animal Jam and become a memer today to get your own fox.

AJHQ has added something cool in Coral Canyons! A new DEN DEPOT to shop for the newest dens in Animal Jam.
AJ has BREAKING NEWS!!! In just 2 months people have donated over 50 MILLION gems for the endangered animals. AJHQ is very happy and if they can be donated by 10 million GEMS, then they will save the monkeys and bringing them back to Animal Jam!

 New Bouquet and Mailbox for Jammers in the shops! Go get them now!
More news happening at the Carnival! Every prize will be 50% off! So they have become much cheaper! Yipee!
And also there has been Ocean Plushies added in the prize area.
 There is a new Jamaa Derby multiplayer arcade for sale at the Sol Arcade. Get it now!

Trivia! Win, win, win!

Trivia! Each day there will be a trivia quiz to be in to win a 1 month free membership on AJ! Click this link to be into win! ->

Monday, 16 July 2012

Item of the Day

Item of the day time! Feeling like welcoming your guests to your den? Well start making them feel welcome with this Welcome Mat! For non members as well.

Rare Item Monday

Rare Item Monday is here with another members only item! Ask your parents for membership and you can buy this Rare Rhino Helmet! Go, go, go!!!

Sea Star

New Ocean Den Item for sale! What do you think? I think it's very decorative for your ocean den! Happy Exploring, Jammers!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Solving to do at the Sol Arcade

Hmm...  This is very strange but I have recently been to the Sol Arcade and spotted this... um... thing covered with a humongous cloth! What do you think is under it? In my opinion I think it is extra arcade machines. Comment your ideas :)

Item of the Day

Hey Jammers! I have made up new types of posts called "Item of the day". I will post random den items or clothing and call it the Item of the Day. Here's the item of the day!

Feeling cool? Well here's a 'cool' clothing item for animals today! The... Cool Hair! 

Lantern Necklace

Is one of your animals on Animal Jam an ocean animal? Well if so, then you can go underwater and visit Bahari Bargains! 

Fancy Tall Candelabra

New Den item in the Jam Mart Furniture! The Fancy Tall Candelabra for members! So go go go... to buy buy buy!!!

Sandals at the Carnival

 The Summer Carnival in Animal Jam is going animaltastic! So, AJHQ decided to add new items in the prize area! Sandals for members! Jam on!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fantasy Banner

New den item! The Fantasy Banner for members AND non-members!!! Go go go!

Fancy Vanity

Hello Jammers!!! Recently there has been a new den item added into Epic Wonders! The Fancy Vanity item! But hmm... something looks wrong... that's right! It looks like it's for humans! In my opinion I think animals can still use human items. 

Monday, 9 July 2012

Rare Item Monday

Rare Item Monday! The Rare Butterfly Glasses for members only. But there seems to be a mistake. Last Monday this Butterfly Glasses  were on sale in the Jam Mart Clothing store. So something mysterious is happening. Is this a mistake or what? 

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Starfish Glasses

Hey, wanna be an ocean animal? Wanna have starfish glasses?! Well here you go. New Starfish Glasses have arrived for underwater members! Blob, blob, blob!!!


Hey Jammers! Guess what... foxes are coming! Oh my, we've had so many news lately! Turtles, new clothes, new furniture... it's just too much!!! Anyways, hopefully they're for all members... wonder what they'll look like! Happy Jamming...

Camouflage Boots

Go to the Jam Mart Clothing store to get the new Camouflage Boots! Great for sneaking in the bushes!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

New Pets Coming soon to Jamaa

Yup, it's coming... they're coming... TURTLES!!! A few weeks back AJHQ created a competition on what pet there should be in Animal Jam. Then now the results were in and there will be new turtles! So become a member and buy the new turtles! They're just too cute!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Another New Item

Have you read the recent post I wrote about the Fancy Fireplace? Well, there is another new item for members so listen up, members! There is a new Giant Crystal for sale in the Jam Mart Furniture so go on and get it now!

Fancy Fireplace for Members

Members, if you've always wanted a fireplace, you can now! Head over to the Jam Mart Furniture and get yours today! Happy Jamming!!!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

New Buttons

 Hey Jammers! There are new buttons on the World Map of Jamaa to make it more easier for you to find shops, videos and pets! So go on to Animal Jam and check it out!

Animal Jam's July Activities

Here are the July Activities in Jamaa

Rare Item Monday- Freedom Bands

Today's Rare Item is the 'Freedom Bands'. Get yours today! Go, go, go Jammers!!!

More info about Rare Item Monday: Every Monday on Animal Jam, there is always a rare item for sale in one of the shops around Jamaa.

Silver Glove (for non-members)

I have recently found that in Epic Wonders (In Coral Canyons, through the waterfall) that you can buy a silver glove for non-members!

A Warm Welcome to our New Blog

Hello, my name is Lorilea1, and I love to play Animal Jam. It is a safe virtual site specially created for children. I am here to make this blog and post up coming events or news that is on Animal Jam. Keep exploring, Jammers!


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