Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Scammer Alert + New Items

First to start off with... SCAM ALERT. I didn't fall for it, don't worry! But when she said "Do you want my rare wooden floor?" and I said, "Yes please." and then she said this: send me yellow and pink locket ......
No. Just no, I said. So I left and I never saw her later that day.
I did this before she could even say another word!
Anywho, let's get on with the new items! Here's an underwater Halo available at Bahari Bargains. Now there's an underwater Halo and a land Halo! Woohoo!
And also a new underwater item, there is a Coral Tombstone! It is at Sunken Trasures. And again, there is an underwater and a land tombstone. :D
And the last new item is this Eyeball Hat! That is huge! Get yours at the Haunted Forest Party! Luckily I could make it there for this new item.
Lastly, to conclude, there are two posts on The Daily Explorer. Read it now!



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