Thursday, 11 October 2012

Night of the Phantoms!

 Night of the Phantoms is here! The spookiest times in Jamaa! A Mummy Mask! OOOH! CREEPY. That is the only thing I can describe this item.
 Also another item for the den! And it's a nonmember item. G.R.E.A.T! A Candy Bowl. Want some candy?
Also when I've been roaming around in Jamaa, found these amazing decorations added for Night of the Phantoms. Wowee! Phantoms, pumpkins and more!
 And when you click on the Candy Bowls (which are around Jamaa) you get some candy! YUM and there's a new pet? Yes! The bats are here.
 Instead of Mira, it's a... Giant Phantom!!! AHH!
 And a last pic with some tombstones. Oooh. Who knows what lurkes beneath...
 Items being sold at the Haunted Forest party
New Jamaa Journal published with new stories Volume 071

 October Activities
 And the picture below is the gift you will receive once you pass level 5 at the game in the Phantom Vortex and there is a new House!

 And if you're a sea animal ONLY, then you can also join the fun with a Jack-o'-Lantern Head! Er... is that a rat?
And it doesn't have the "New!" sign so I'm guessing I forgot to mention this ocean den item. The Clam Shell Ottoman. I reckon it's related to the Clam Shell Chair.



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