Friday, 15 February 2013


Sorry for this really late post. I've been busy doing homework and I'm in high school and I have just got lots of things on my mind. Anyway, there is a new Wavy Pink Wall available at the Friendship Party. Get this item before it's gone!
 There are two new clothing items in Jam Mart Clothing. Awesome Heart Glasses and a Heart Antennae Headband. Great for Valentines Day.
THERE IS A NEW LOGIN! Though, the bad thing about this is that you cannot keep yourself logged in.
 There is a new issue on the Jamaa Journal.
And there are new RACOONS coming to Jamaa! I hope they're for all members.
On the last page, you can check out the winning entries from the Best Buddy Contest in Jamaa Central. I entered me and my BFF as foxes and didn't win :( Took me ages to draw it.
As you've seen there is a new party. A paradise party. Celebrate the awesome and beautiful birds.
And the Epic Seasonal Tree has changed to lovely blossoms.
Lastly, there are a few new posts on The Daily Explorer.

I guess that's it! Bye!!!

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