Friday, 9 November 2012

Sea Turtles

There are new Homemade Wings and you can get them in different colours (if you're a member, that is!).
And here are the November Activities! Check them out!
And here's the new Jamaa Journal issue! November 8, volume 073! Now sea turtles are available for NON MEMBERS too!
 Here is the second page of Jamaa Journal! Pet Foxes are a gift for this month if you become a member!
Peck, the rabbit has made a new art contest! It is due by Wednesday, so get drawing, painting and creating!
And the last page of Jamaa Journal is that you can learn all about Greely, the wolf Alpha!
Here is all about Greely on The Daily Explorer!
 There is a game which is called Eat 'Em Up and you can earn TWICE AS MUCH gems when you play.
Finally, there is a new card. It is the Happy Feast of Thanks! Jam-a-Gram. What do you think about it?

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