Thursday, 22 November 2012

Help the Big Cats

There are some cool Snowy Pawprints at Jam Mart Furniture!
And the Coral Necklace as returned! Purchase this item now!
 There is a new Jamaa Journal issue in Jamaa! And Help Big Cats by buying some wrist bands.
First page. The mystery has unlocked! There were curtains covering this area and I wondered what it was!
 Second page. Buy your wrist bands are Animal Jam Outfitters.
 Third page. Remember that game Splash And Dash? It's for all Jammers!
 Fourth page. Feast of Thanks and Peck's Art Contest is closed.
And the very last page. Learn all about the Alpha monkey, Graham.
And Animal Jam has gone all winter-y. From autumn-y to winter-y. And Christmas is nearly here! CANNOT WAIT! That's it for now, Jammers. Over and out!

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