Thursday, 19 July 2012

Exciting News for Today

Yes! They're here! Foxes! It has been weeks since we've been waiting with excitement that foxes will be coming to AJ and they have finally! It's simple. Go on Animal Jam and become a memer today to get your own fox.

AJHQ has added something cool in Coral Canyons! A new DEN DEPOT to shop for the newest dens in Animal Jam.
AJ has BREAKING NEWS!!! In just 2 months people have donated over 50 MILLION gems for the endangered animals. AJHQ is very happy and if they can be donated by 10 million GEMS, then they will save the monkeys and bringing them back to Animal Jam!

 New Bouquet and Mailbox for Jammers in the shops! Go get them now!
More news happening at the Carnival! Every prize will be 50% off! So they have become much cheaper! Yipee!
And also there has been Ocean Plushies added in the prize area.
 There is a new Jamaa Derby multiplayer arcade for sale at the Sol Arcade. Get it now!



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